wellness plans

We have Canine & Feline Wellness Plans to ensure maximal care for your pet. Click below to learn more about our Wellness Plan packages and pricings.

pet cremation & grooming

Pet Cremation

We provide both private and non-private pet cremations. Private cremations provide you with the remains in a hand-made bag with pull strings.The non-private ashes are used on flower beds and gardens of the staff at Cotner & Superior Pet Care. Please call 402-904-4492 for more information and scheduling.

Pet Grooming

We offer expert grooming services* for your furry family member. We believe in safe grooming in order to keep both pet and pet owner happy.Please call 402-438-4500 for more information and scheduling.

*Only offered at our Superior Veterinary Clinic location.

other services

Disease Prevention

Preventing a disease before it occurs is an easy way to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. We recommend:

  • Annual vaccines for both cats and dogs
  • A monthly heartworm treatment and an annual heartworm exam
  • A monthly topical flea and tick treatment for both cats and dogs year round

Dental Care

Our pet’s dental hygiene is just as important as our own. Maintaining a healthy mouth will lessen the chance of infection, painful abscesses, and tartar build-up. To keep your pet’s mouth clean, we offer:

  • An annual exam on your pet’s teeth, to identify problems before they become a serious issue.
    Extractions, abscess treatment, or tarter control when necessary

Digital X-Rays and In-house Diagnostics Lab

When your pet is in need of a little extra care, we have:

  • Blood diagnostic equipment on-site for medical emergencies
  • Digital Radiology to process exposures much quicker than through traditional means
  • Urinalysis diagnostics for the quickest possible identification of any abnormalities


Microchipping your pet is one of the best ways to ensure a 100% accurate identification in case you are ever separated. We deliver:

  • Microchipping during a normal office visit, which does NOT require anesthetic to be injected

Pet Boarding and Daycare

When you are away, your pet needs a place to play. We offer:

  • Boarding for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes
  • Daycare boarding when an overnight visit isn’t necessary

Nutritional Consultations and Prescription Diets

In our continuing effort to ensure a long healthy life of our cherished pets, we provide:

  • Nutritional consultations for animals sensitive to certain byproducts found commonly in most over the counter foods
  • A variety of specialty diets that help with everything from weight loss to kidney functions and other special-needs diets

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